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The customer touch points you focus on once you understand the loyalty economics of your customer segments.

A rising Net Promoter tide can lift all boats (or sink some)

Fred Reichheld believes that companies are getting better at listening to customers. In a recent LinkedIn blog post, he describes how customer feedback is a guiding force at Uber, Harry’s and Airbnb. I’m sure many read the blog post and … Continue reading

Power to the customer: How E.ON became more customer centric

True monopolies don’t worry about customer loyalty. If you don’t have competitors, you don’t need to invest in service, innovation or branding. You can also charge monopoly prices and fees. Take the energy sector. In most countries, monopolies supplied energy … Continue reading

“I will stand for the customer”: Former Telstra CEO David Thodey’s Net Promoter journey

Think of a company so universally hated that merely saying its name invokes groans and sympathy. That was Telstra just eight years ago. In 2007, Australian daily The Age published a column titled “Why We All Hate Telstra.” It chronicled … Continue reading

Keeping doctors engaged amid radical shifts in healthcare

Given how little time your doctor spends with you during an appointment, don’t you want yours to be fully engaged when you’re on the examining table? I know I do. So I had both personal and professional reasons to take … Continue reading

At Disney, the show must go on

Imagine that 20 million people depend on you to create a magical vacation experience for their family every year. Imagine leading 40,000 employees operating four theme parks and 20 resort hotels spread over an area larger than the city of … Continue reading

Knowing when an interaction needs a human touch

Banks, retailers, and companies in just about every industry are expanding their online and mobile tools and finding new ways to serve customers through screens rather than at a counter. Without a doubt, a strong digital presence is critical to … Continue reading

Taking the temperature of temps: Building relationships that last (even if they’re not meant to) at Elwood Staffing

When you decide to use temporary employees to fill a role in your company, you generally do it because you don’t want the burden or expense of bringing someone onto the payroll permanently, right? Temp jobs are typically transitory, often … Continue reading

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Warby Parker: Seeing the eyeglass business through a new set of lenses

Roughly half the adult population of the US wears eyeglasses. Until recently, I never did. But now that I’m getting a little older, I need corrective lenses to read anything closer than about a football field away from my face. … Continue reading

Harry’s: Taking on the razor blade giants by building personal relationships with customers

When my former colleagues Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider told me they planned to start a business selling razors and blades, I thought they had lost their marbles. While there are few certainties in business, one of them is that … Continue reading

Net Promoter at the heart of a cultural transformation: How Safelite turns hassles into smiles

When I was in college, I had the unfortunate experience of living in a high-crime city. I got a lot of experience getting my broken car windows replaced. It was not a fun process. You’d call your insurance company, try … Continue reading

Planning the marriage (not just the wedding)

People in the US are intensely loyal to their universities. Alumni brand themselves with sweatshirts, T-shirts and even underwear bearing their college’s name. You’ll find them drinking from mugs emblazoned with mascots and driving cars with rear-window stickers broadcasting their … Continue reading

The UK’s grand experiment: A prescription for better healthcare

How do you choose a doctor or a hospital? Whether you’re pregnant and sizing up hospitals for your delivery or looking for a dermatologist to examine a mole, you will probably seek recommendations from your friends and family. That’s because … Continue reading

Delight your employees—fire bad customers

Probably every sales clerk or customer-service rep has run into customers they never want to see again. They’re rude, obnoxious and make life uncomfortable for employees and for fellow customers. Their shouts are often laced with profanity. They abuse the … Continue reading

Making spirits bright for harried holiday shoppers

‘Tis the season to be jolly—unless you’re one of the millions of last-minute shoppers fighting the crowds at the mall. Or you’re one of the employees who has to put up with cranky, demanding shoppers and with the incredible crush … Continue reading

Why bank customers are so disloyal (and why banks want to change that)

Last year, almost 40% of American customers bought at least one new product from a bank. Despite bankers’ intense focus on cross-selling, only half made that purchase from their primary bank. This pattern, more or less, was repeated in more … Continue reading