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The top-down commitment of management focus and resources to Net Promoter that is necessary to build the system and convince employees that the company is serious about loyalty.

Podcast: Inside Madison Avenue’s Loyalty Challenge, with Michael Farmer

No industry has escaped the disruption of digital technology. Advertising is no exception. Ad agencies, which previously thrived in what was once a loyalty-based industry, now face new competition as they struggle to hold on to client relationships. Advertising fee … Continue reading

Podcast: How Rent the Runway Makes a Statement with Style—and Service

People feel good when they look good—it doesn’t take a fashion expert to tell you that. But that feeling compounds when you make it easy for people to access clothing that’s unique, fits well and suits the occasion. That’s the … Continue reading

Podcast: Going to Extremes for Customers, with Sarah Robb O’Hagan

When faced with a scrappy challenger, it’s not hard for established brands to lose sight of their core customers, especially if they’re in a highly competitive market. These situations can arise when an established brand starts to lose market share to … Continue reading

Podcast: Why Front-Line Obsession Is Critical to Growth

Steve Jobs. Charles Schwab. Howard Schultz. They all spotted an unmet customer need and made it their mission to meet it. They also founded iconic companies that started out as disruptors only to struggle as bureaucracy and distraction set in. … Continue reading

Podcast: Big Lessons in Culture from a Mat Manufacturer

My work brings me in contact with many interesting businesses. But one stood out to me recently, not for what it makes—industrial floor mats—but how it makes them. Millennium Mat has developed a unique culture in which employees make production … Continue reading

Podcast: The 33 Qualities of Inspiring Leaders

The goal of the Net Promoter System is to create a culture that encourages employees to bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to their jobs. Developing that kind of culture requires inspiring leaders. We’ve all seen those people who seem born to … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Who Should Run Your Net Promoter System?

What qualities and experiences make for a successful chief advocacy officer? Not just anyone will do, regardless of how bright and ambitious he or she may seem to be. The best CAOs aren’t always the people you might think of … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: The Essential Role of the Customer Advocacy Office

A company needs more than a CEO’s support to get the most out of the Net Promoter System. That’s why some companies set up a customer advocacy office, or CAO, that focuses on learning about—and improving—the customer experience. A customer advocacy office … Continue reading

New on the Podcast: The Gift of Brutally Honest Feedback

Have you ever found it hard to tell an employee that his work simply wasn’t cutting it? Maybe you were afraid of hurting the employee’s feelings or creating tension, so you decided not to say anything. Kim Scott, an executive … Continue reading

The Financial Fact Founders Can’t Forget

Unlike professional business managers at many incumbent companies, company founders can never forget this simple fact: Revenue doesn’t come from thin air; it comes from customers. This way of thinking, it turns out, is essential to sustainable, profitable growth. In … Continue reading

Set Perfection as the Goal: Leadership Lessons from Former Vanguard CEO Jack Brennan

It’s common wisdom that your goals should be achievable. In fact, a popular goal-setting acronym, SMART, holds that goals should be specific, achievable, realistic and time-bound. (In some permutations, “relevant” is substituted for realistic.) Jack Brennan, though, suggests almost the … Continue reading

Adopting the “insurgent mission”—lessons from great founder-led firms

Founder-led companies show up disproportionately in the ranks of loyalty leaders around the world. It’s an anomaly that has fascinated me for over a decade. Amazon, Apple, Google, Enterprise, Charles Schwab and Starbucks have all become loyalty leaders under the … Continue reading

Helping leaders hit the gas on culture change at Safelite

Safelite AutoGlass repairs and replaces car windows and windshields. To offer more convenience, the company’s technicians often make repairs at the accident spot or in customers’ parking lots. Around 2008, under the leadership of CEO Tom Feeney, the company clarified … Continue reading

“It’s got to pervade every part of your decision making”—How Telstra built a culture of customer advocacy

Last week, on the Net Promoter System Podcast, former Telstra CEO David Thodey shared the story of the Australian telco’s dramatic transformation from the most hated company to the most respected service provider. In the second half of our discussion, … Continue reading

“I will stand for the customer”: Former Telstra CEO David Thodey’s Net Promoter journey

Think of a company so universally hated that merely saying its name invokes groans and sympathy. That was Telstra just eight years ago. In 2007, Australian daily The Age published a column titled “Why We All Hate Telstra.” It chronicled … Continue reading