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The top-down commitment of management focus and resources to Net Promoter that is necessary to build the system and convince employees that the company is serious about loyalty.

The wisdom of Jeanne Bliss: Stop chasing the CEO’s pet peeves and put customers first

When a company lacks a thoughtful method for listening to customers and making systemic improvements, some executives tend to jump on every middling complaint and business fad rather than tackle deeper issues. I saw this phenomenon in action at a … Continue reading

Habitat for Humanity: Nailing Net Promoter at a nonprofit

Leaders of major companies often assume they have nothing to learn from nonprofits. That’s just not true. Corporate executives tend to underestimate the sophistication and complexity of successful nonprofits, and nonprofit leaders often overestimate the resources available in big companies. … Continue reading

At Disney, the show must go on

Imagine that 20 million people depend on you to create a magical vacation experience for their family every year. Imagine leading 40,000 employees operating four theme parks and 20 resort hotels spread over an area larger than the city of … Continue reading

The ideal Customer Advocacy Officer: Balancing experience, credibility, resourcefulness and perseverance

Few decisions are as vital to a Net Promoter effort as choosing the person who runs it day to day. Bring in an arrogant, detached executive with limited ability to relate to front-line employees or one with flimsy experience but … Continue reading

A finely balanced brew: Consistency with personality

Ever wonder how Starbucks dreamed up the Frappuccino—that frothy, creamy coffee beverage that’s now its own billion-dollar business? It has its own website, Twitter feed and a roster of more than two dozen flavors. The line is so popular that … Continue reading

Why bank customers are so disloyal (and why banks want to change that)

Last year, almost 40% of American customers bought at least one new product from a bank. Despite bankers’ intense focus on cross-selling, only half made that purchase from their primary bank. This pattern, more or less, was repeated in more … Continue reading

Want royally happy customers? Never skimp on service

Ever wonder why Ritz-Carlton hotels serve afternoon tea? You know, that light “meal” with the fussy cucumber sandwiches and miniature eclairs on tiered platters that seem more fitting on Downton Abbey than in a 21st-century hotel restaurant. After all, a … Continue reading

Busting the myth of the Lucite block: What does it take to change a culture?

Too many leaders seem to wish that culture change would just happen organically, effortlessly. In their minds, all they need to do is develop a well-worded mission statement and a vision for the future that fits on a nice PowerPoint … Continue reading

Letting feedback speak for itself

Suppose I’m a customer of yours. You and I have recently interacted. I was a little disappointed in how you served me and my company. I have some feedback about my experience―how it made me feel and what I think … Continue reading

Breaking down the “invisible fence”

Every company needs rules and traditions, but if left unchecked, restrictive policies can stymie creativity. They can give rise to what my next guest on the Net Promoter System podcast calls “invisible fence syndrome.” Like a dog that’s been zapped too … Continue reading

Simple is as simple does

Is your company especially analytically oriented? We hear people describe their companies this way a lot, often as a way of explaining that nothing as simple as Net Promoter® could ever work in their company. They’re all engineers or accountants, … Continue reading

The problem with pasta on a plane

It’s a long flight from the US to Singapore, where Bain recently held its fourth annual Asia-Pacific Loyalty Forum. And as it happens, on that trip, one of the attendees of the Forum had an experience that illustrates an important … Continue reading

Lessons from long-time loyalty leaders

In our latest podcast, we bring you a conversation with two deeply experienced loyalty leaders, Linda Verba and Brian Andrews. Linda Verba is the EVP of Retail Operations and Service Recognition at TD Bank Group, and one of the prime … Continue reading

Creating a customer-centric company: Six paths to learning

This article originally appeared on Creating a customer-centric company is tough in the best of circumstances. You have to rebuild your company’s culture, which means helping employees learn new ways of thinking and acting. You have to entrust frontline … Continue reading

Who keeps you jazzed about your job?

This article originally appeared on  “Fanatical” customer support is the mantra at Rackspace, an IT hosting company. Hype and fluff? Not so. Energized, motivated Rackers really do put in the discretionary effort that creates a better experience for customers. … Continue reading