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Podcast: Stoking the Entrepreneurial Spirit , with FireDisc’s Griff and Hunter Jaggard

For years, farmers in West Texas have been using the plow discs from their tractors to cook outside. After all, the metal discs resemble woks when turned sideways, making them perfect for frying bacon and eggs for a crowd or … Continue reading

Here’s a Smarter Use for Social Media

Social media has opened up vast new ways for companies to get to know their customers—what they like, what they hate and where they shop. But anyone with a Twitter handle knows that social networks are littered with inane noise. … Continue reading

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Podcast: What Does It Really Take to Become an Expert?

The best companies—loyalty leaders that grow profitably—do things to teach their employees to do their jobs better. In fact, the Net Promoter System was designed to help companies facilitate and accelerate individual learning. The system’s inner loop and huddle play … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: The Value of Prototypes

Creating a pilot or prototype is an essential part of designing a robust Net Promoter System. These small-scale efforts allow a company to experiment with the system’s essential elements, helping the company to create an effective program it can expand … Continue reading

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How text messages helped a phone retailer turn up his Net Promoter feedback

Mobile phone stores have become almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks—there seems to be one (or more) on every corner. In fact, while the signs on these stores often have the name of the major wireless carrier they represent (Verizon, T-Mobile, … Continue reading

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Creating a market of trust and delight at eBay

There’s a line people say to each other so they feel better about exceptionally difficult or painful situations: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The idea is that you grow and learn through struggle and challenge—after the pain and … Continue reading

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Would you recommend your town to a friend? How a ski town uses Net Promoter to grow the tourist trade

Steamboat Springs, Colorado—the entire town, not just the ski resort—is using the Net Promoter Score to help make itself more customer-friendly. Yeah. You read that right. A town. We at Bain have a lot of experience helping big companies adopt … Continue reading

Love feedback but hate surveys? Join the club

Who likes surveys? Not me. I hate them. As a customer, they fill my inbox. They make my phone ring. They generally make me feel guilty for not responding, and when I do take the time to respond I’m almost … Continue reading

A radically simple approach to radical simplicity

When the Net Promoter Score debuted in 2003, perhaps its most distinctive feature was its radical simplicity. The score is based on a single, intuitive question. Its clarity appealed to CEOs, general managers and other business leaders. It wiped away … Continue reading

The magic of engaged, empowered employees

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself on a marathon shopping trip with my family. We were visiting my son at college. As autumn progressed and temperatures began to drop, he realized that his wardrobe of shorts and t-shirts … Continue reading

There’s no such thing as an “average” customer

“Our average customer is a 38-year-old married woman with 1.4 children who lives in a suburban neighborhood and drives a Japanese-make minivan.” How many times have you heard an executive talk about his or her company’s average customer? How much … Continue reading

Letting feedback speak for itself

Suppose I’m a customer of yours. You and I have recently interacted. I was a little disappointed in how you served me and my company. I have some feedback about my experience―how it made me feel and what I think … Continue reading

Scaling up or scoping out at Herman Miller

So you’ve run some closed-loop feedback pilots using the Net Promoter System. You’ve learned a few things. Now what do you do? That’s the question Pam Carpenter and Michael Ramirez face as they bring Net Promoter to Herman Miller. We’ve … Continue reading

Technology that helps you close the loop

In our latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I speak with Borge Hald, CEO of Medallia. Medallia’s services help companies capture customer feedback, understand it in real time and take action to improve the customer experience. The company’s software powers closed-loop … Continue reading

Do your customers’ have a predominant personality?

In the latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I chat with Kelly Conway, CEO of Mattersight Corporation. Mattersight’s applications combine analysis of customer conversations with data about those customers—as well as other aspects of the relationship—in near-real time to help employees … Continue reading