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Does Your Rewards Program Inspire Loyalty?

Consumers love rewards programs. But do these programs actually build loyalty? I would argue that many don’t—either because the program has become too superficial to engender true loyalty or because it pays customers extra for behavior that would occur anyway. In … Continue reading

Want Loyal Customers? Understand the Episodes That Matter

Good services and a steady stream of new product features used to be enough to hold the top spot in an industry. But that’s not necessarily the case anymore. It’s about the key episodes that define the customer experience. Product … Continue reading

Here’s a Smarter Use for Social Media

Social media has opened up vast new ways for companies to get to know their customers—what they like, what they hate and where they shop. But anyone with a Twitter handle knows that social networks are littered with inane noise. … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Telcos: Simplify Before Your Customers Hang Up

Telecom carriers are in a unique position to delight customers at every turn, and many are not taking advantage of that opportunity. After all, people use their phones for everything. Consumers surveyed by Bain last year said they would miss … Continue reading

When a Company Wins, Everybody Should Win—Even the “Losers”

When a company shifts its internal investments around, employees who get the short end often feel like corporate losers—marginalized and demoralized. Employees might even stop caring about the company’s mission or the needs of customers, and that’s when real damage … Continue reading

Why Good Surveys Still Matter in a Big Data World

Why bother customers with surveys now that businesses have Big Data analytics to guide their customer strategies? And if we don’t need surveys, don’t loyalty metrics and programs such as the Net Promoter System become far less relevant? In reality, … Continue reading

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The Financial Fact Founders Can’t Forget

Unlike professional business managers at many incumbent companies, company founders can never forget this simple fact: Revenue doesn’t come from thin air; it comes from customers. This way of thinking, it turns out, is essential to sustainable, profitable growth. In … Continue reading

Think like a customer, not like a CEO

For every service superstar I know in business, I can think of another formerly promising company that lost sight of the customer. These once-innovative firms typically start out as rebels in their industries, bucking the status quo with a new … Continue reading

Finding employees who don’t always do what they’re told

When you hire frontline employees, you are entrusting them with the critical task of generating loyalty and enthusiasm among customers. That means you don’t want employees who only do what they’re told. You want employees who bring their own energy, … Continue reading

Keeping doctors engaged amid radical shifts in healthcare

Given how little time your doctor spends with you during an appointment, don’t you want yours to be fully engaged when you’re on the examining table? I know I do. So I had both personal and professional reasons to take … Continue reading

Customers have been talking, and companies are finally listening

Companies across all industries are seeing the benefits of loyalty and trying harder than ever to foster a dialogue with customers. And best of all, companies are listening. Sure, not a week goes by without some bizarre story of a … Continue reading

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Knowing when an interaction needs a human touch

Banks, retailers, and companies in just about every industry are expanding their online and mobile tools and finding new ways to serve customers through screens rather than at a counter. Without a doubt, a strong digital presence is critical to … Continue reading

When employees say goodbye, don’t let a bruised ego cloud your judgment

It’s often hard for executives to see young, talented people leave their company, but people often have to change jobs, employers or careers to broaden their skills and explore new challenges. While these shifts can be rewarding to people, more … Continue reading

To improve it, start by measuring it

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received came from my uncle, a world-class physicist who later became a business executive. My uncle and his wife graciously took me in for seven years while I was a student … Continue reading

Showing employees how they make a difference

CEOs mistakenly think they can create a customer-centric culture on their own, but that’s never true. It’s always a grassroots process in which people throughout the organization actively develop and support the company’s culture. Without an engaged, empowered workforce, a company … Continue reading