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Podcast: Stoking the Entrepreneurial Spirit , with FireDisc’s Griff and Hunter Jaggard

For years, farmers in West Texas have been using the plow discs from their tractors to cook outside. After all, the metal discs resemble woks when turned sideways, making them perfect for frying bacon and eggs for a crowd or … Continue reading

Boning Up on Behavioral Economics: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

When responding to an angry customer, few words are as effective as “I’m sorry.” And yet, it’s so hard for some people to apologize sincerely. Why? In this episode, I welcome back Maurice FitzGerald, retired vice president of customer experience … Continue reading

Are Cultural Differences at Play? A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

How does a customer’s country of origin affect the feedback they provide about service experiences? Are certain countries home to naturally tough critics? Do people in some countries view rating scales differently? Cultural differences play a role in Net Promoter … Continue reading

Podcast: Bringing Net Promoter to the People, with Darci Darnell

Despite companies’ best efforts to engage their teams, more than half of employees say they are uninspired and dissatisfied in their roles, according to Bain research. Only 19% of employees say they’re inspired and satisfied—a huge opportunity for companies that … Continue reading

Rallying Teams Around Net Promoter: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

Building internal support for a fledgling Net Promoter System can be one of the biggest challenges of getting such an effort off the ground. It requires leaders to not only have a strong grasp of loyalty economics and the company’s … Continue reading

Podcast: Inside Madison Avenue’s Loyalty Challenge, with Michael Farmer

No industry has escaped the disruption of digital technology. Advertising is no exception. Ad agencies, which previously thrived in what was once a loyalty-based industry, now face new competition as they struggle to hold on to client relationships. Advertising fee … Continue reading

The Net Promoter Games People Play: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

Begging customers for strong scores. Only seeking feedback from customers who had positive outcomes. Altering contact information to make dissatisfied customers hard to reach. When it comes to gaming the Net Promoter System, we’ve seen it all and one thing … Continue reading

Podcast: Unlocking Airbnb’s Culture of Trust, with Aisling Hassell

Airbnb launched 10 years ago when roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia decided to rent out an air mattress on the floor of their San Francisco living room to make a few extra bucks. Now it’s a $31 billion hospitality … Continue reading

Why Response Rates Matter: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

The statistical validity of the Net Promoter Score depends on response rates; the higher the rate, the greater the accuracy. Low response rates can easily undermine a company’s Net Promoter System, causing leaders to overlook burgeoning problems or wrongly assume … Continue reading

Podcast: How Rent the Runway Makes a Statement with Style—and Service

People feel good when they look good—it doesn’t take a fashion expert to tell you that. But that feeling compounds when you make it easy for people to access clothing that’s unique, fits well and suits the occasion. That’s the … Continue reading

What’s in a Benchmark? A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

What does it take to develop meaningful competitive benchmark Net Promoter Scores? What is the relationship between benchmark trends and revenue? What if your company is small or operates in a niche industry with few competitors for comparison? Competitive benchmark … Continue reading

Podcast: What Do B2B Customers Want?

What do customers really want when they buy a product? Some benefits are fairly obvious—convenience and quality, for example. But some customers, even those in business-to-business (B2B) markets, are seeking far more from their purchases—hope, self-actualization and motivation. Bain Partner … Continue reading

Podcast: Going to Extremes for Customers, with Sarah Robb O’Hagan

When faced with a scrappy challenger, it’s not hard for established brands to lose sight of their core customers, especially if they’re in a highly competitive market. These situations can arise when an established brand starts to lose market share to … Continue reading

Podcast: Tackling Net Promoter Questions from Practitioners on LinkedIn, with Maurice FitzGerald

What if a company wants to adopt the Net Promoter System, but lacks the resources and time to fully implement each aspect of the framework? Is it better to do something rather than nothing? In this episode, Maurice FitzGerald, the … Continue reading

Podcast: The Secret to Happier Customers? Think Simple and Digital

Telecom executives are under pressure from their customers, shareholders and other stakeholders to become more digital, to exploit the new technologies and opportunities that will enable them to deliver more services and operate more efficiently. Some companies approach their digital … Continue reading