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The often complex technology required to support a true closed-loop system and actions.

How Qualtrics stumbled on the Net Promoter System—and then turned it on itself

Finding out how your customers feel about you used to mean calling in a team of experts. It was costly and often time-consuming, so the results were inherently stale. With the advent of online survey providers, it became possible for … Continue reading

Restaurant chains discover the special sauce of Net Promoter feedback

If you want to find an industry where word of mouth can make or break a business, take a look at restaurants. Positive word of mouth builds buzz: Great food and great service at great prices can create a stream … Continue reading

Brick by brick: Rebuilding the LEGO Group by rediscovering customer centricity

Every time I see a LEGO Store or even just a single brick, it brings back warm memories of digging into the big tub of LEGO pieces that my brother and I had in our playroom. We’d spend hours creating … Continue reading

Power to the customer: How E.ON became more customer centric

True monopolies don’t worry about customer loyalty. If you don’t have competitors, you don’t need to invest in service, innovation or branding. You can also charge monopoly prices and fees. Take the energy sector. In most countries, monopolies supplied energy … Continue reading

Would you recommend your town to a friend? How a ski town uses Net Promoter to grow the tourist trade

Steamboat Springs, Colorado—the entire town, not just the ski resort—is using the Net Promoter Score to help make itself more customer-friendly. Yeah. You read that right. A town. We at Bain have a lot of experience helping big companies adopt … Continue reading

Sophisticated simplicity: How Delighted makes Net Promoter feedback easy and appealing to customers

I’m often surprised to find that some executives will accept single-digit response rates in their customer-feedback programs. One recent conversation centered on a company’s 4% response rate. My concern about the low response rate met resistance. The executives responded that … Continue reading

Asking for feedback, but actually getting honest answers

A few years ago, I bought a new luxury car. While I had struggled with the decision about which make and model to buy, once I locked in, I had a really good experience. A dealer not too far from … Continue reading

Letting feedback speak for itself

Suppose I’m a customer of yours. You and I have recently interacted. I was a little disappointed in how you served me and my company. I have some feedback about my experience―how it made me feel and what I think … Continue reading

Scaling up or scoping out at Herman Miller

So you’ve run some closed-loop feedback pilots using the Net Promoter System. You’ve learned a few things. Now what do you do? That’s the question Pam Carpenter and Michael Ramirez face as they bring Net Promoter to Herman Miller. We’ve … Continue reading

The benchmark is dead! Long live the benchmark!

“Can you please provide benchmark Net Promoter Scores for psychoceramics companies operating or selling at the high end of the Mauritanian market?” Net Promoter practitioners love to talk about NPS benchmarks. They want to know how their companies measure up … Continue reading

Dishing up real-time feedback for restaurants

I eat out in restaurants a lot. Objectively, it’s fair to say that I eat out too often, sometimes as many as 15 times a week. While I wouldn’t say that I’m a restaurant snob, I do pay attention to … Continue reading

Technology that helps you close the loop

In our latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I speak with Borge Hald, CEO of Medallia. Medallia’s services help companies capture customer feedback, understand it in real time and take action to improve the customer experience. The company’s software powers closed-loop … Continue reading

Do your customers’ have a predominant personality?

In the latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I chat with Kelly Conway, CEO of Mattersight Corporation. Mattersight’s applications combine analysis of customer conversations with data about those customers—as well as other aspects of the relationship—in near-real time to help employees … Continue reading

Five ways to learn nothing from your customers’ feedback

This article originally appeared on  I have studied a lot of customer feedback systems in the 25 years I’ve spent working with companies on customer strategy. Many of them leave me sad and befuddled. So many companies make the … Continue reading

What to do when loyalty doesn’t translate into performance

Every now and then, we come across a situation where a company’s customers appear to love it, but where that love doesn’t translate into accelerated revenue growth. This can frustrate and confuse executives at these companies because their high Net … Continue reading