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The often complex technology required to support a true closed-loop system and actions.

Do your customers really like you better than before?

More companies these days are using the Net Promoter System (NPS) to gauge how well they’re doing in the eyes of their customers. They conduct short, frequent surveys, often after every significant interaction. They typically ask how likely (on a zero-to-10 … Continue reading

Calculating the economics of loyalty

This post originally appeared on Imagine that you run a chain of hotels. You know that amid all the guests who stay with you there is a group of star customers. They visit often. They never stay anywhere else … Continue reading

Rare opportunities to earn customer trust and gratitude

“Our business is different than the ones you write about in your book. It’s a low-involvement category. We rarely interact with our customers. We’re not top of mind for them. And when we do, it’s usually for routine transactions online. … Continue reading

A speed summary of The Ultimate Question 2.0

Paul Marsden, who blogs about using NPS in brand advocacy recently wrote a “speed summary” of The Ultimate Question 2.0. We thought he did a great job, so we asked him if we could reproduce it here: Speed Summary: The … Continue reading