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Do your customers’ have a predominant personality?

In the latest Net Promoter System℠ podcast, I chat with Kelly Conway, CEO of Mattersight Corporation. Mattersight’s applications combine analysis of customer conversations with data about those customers—as well as other aspects of the relationship—in near-real time to help employees … Continue reading

Airlines turn to NPS to cut customer turbulence

After irritating travelers with delays, oversold flights, baggage fees, dwindling amenities, poor communications and a host of other missteps, airlines are taking steps to earn back the loyalty of passengers. And several carriers use a Net Promoter system as their … Continue reading

The root cause of your customer’s anger

This post originally appeared on Forbes.  Do you know the root cause of your customers’ delights and annoyances ? It’s a critical question. If you don’t, you can’t give them more of what they love. And you may be tempted to offer … Continue reading

Turn impossible complaints into opportunities to shine

Every company has customers with complaints that can’t easily be fixed. Maybe it’s a car buyer who’s disappointed that a manufacturer doesn’t offer leather seats for his economy sedan. Maybe it’s a department store shopper who feels like she can’t … Continue reading

How Logitech fixed the mouse that roared

Check out this recent presentation from Logitech’s Bernard Gander describing how the company is using NPS to improve the customer experience. Gander focuses on how NPS alerted the company to flaws in its MX 5000 keyboard and mouse—the same Logitech … Continue reading

A speed summary of The Ultimate Question 2.0

Paul Marsden, who blogs about using NPS in brand advocacy recently wrote a “speed summary” of The Ultimate Question 2.0. We thought he did a great job, so we asked him if we could reproduce it here: Speed Summary: The … Continue reading