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Would you recommend your IT help desk to a friend?

When it comes to delighting customers, leading companies don’t limit themselves to the people outside their walls. They look inward at ways they can apply the Net Promoter System℠ (NPS®) values to their internal operations. We’ve written extensively on employee … Continue reading

The most toxic kind of corporate “waste”

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  In the suburb where I live, people regularly demolish 4,000-square-foot homes just because they’re a little outdated, clearing the way for new 8,000-square-foot estates. Everything goes into the dumpster— all the flooring, drywall, window, … Continue reading

The growing popularity of employee NPS

Employees who feel real enthusiasm generally find creative ways to make their customers’ lives better and earn their deep loyalty. It’s a concept we’ve been working on for several years. In the latest issue of HR Magazine, the publication of … Continue reading

How salespeople can destroy your business

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Some executives don’t seem to care what their employees do to close a sale. Customers vote with their wallets, so buyers must have liked what they saw, right? Would those executives feel the same … Continue reading

Don’t try to satisfy your employees!

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Plenty of companies now understand that they need to turn more customers into promoters if they are to grow profitably. They also recognize that they can’t accomplish that goal unless front-line employees and supervisors are … Continue reading

At call centers, a better measure of success

The traditional measure of success at many call centers is the average handling time (AHT), the amount of time it takes for an employee to address a customer’s problem. A short AHT quantifies how quickly the employee handled the issue, … Continue reading

At stores, the most challenging time of the year

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  The holidays are a prime time for stores to build loyal customers—or create detractors. Millions of shoppers are heading to their local malls these days, basking in holiday spirit as the late Andy Williams … Continue reading

Achieving true sustainability in a throwaway society

Companies love to use buzzwords like “stewardship” and “sustainability” in their public relations campaigns. But inside their walls, many treat their most precious assets as disposable: people. Maybe it’s time to rethink corporate responsibility and return to the fundamental idea that companies … Continue reading

Instilling holiday spirit in harried retail employees

Millions of shoppers are heading to their local malls these days, basking in holiday spirit as the late Andy Williams croons “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” over the PA system. But some employees are probably ready to … Continue reading

Training programs that pay off right away

One of the casualties of this slow-growing economy is training investment. Faced with weak revenue, many companies have pared down training programs to cut costs. But what many companies don’t realize is that training doesn’t have to be formal and … Continue reading

“Wowing” customers every day, not just Black Friday

Many stores are adopting a hurry-up offense for Black Friday this year and opening the evening of Thanksgiving Day, hoping to attract the most eager shoppers. Is opening earlier (and cutting into employees’ time with their families) the way to delight … Continue reading

The one word that customers love to hear

TD Bank trains customer-facing employees to satisfy any client requests that don’t violate the bank’s policies. Sometimes the company says yes before its customers can even ask the question, most recently by offering fee refunds to people affected by Hurricane … Continue reading

The crisis test of a company culture

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  My colleague and book co-author Rob Markey tells a great story about what a difference it makes when a company has engaged, passionate employees—people who really care about customers. Rob was on a cruise with his family just … Continue reading

Survey sabotage: Is your customer data misleading you?

This article originally appeared on  In this age of Yelp, Facebook and Twitter, consumer opinions have never been so powerful. While it’s easier than ever to find reviews and ratings, companies still grapple with how to best gauge their relationships with … Continue reading

The best way to make employees happy

Many executives are realizing that enthusiastic workers are essential to creating a positive customer experience. This has spawned a cottage industry of “experts” who aim to measure and increase employee satisfaction. Such efforts rarely work because they focus on the … Continue reading