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Numbers count, but feelings come first

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Long ago, one of my statistics professors in college cautioned me that statisticians tend to obsess about creating the highest R-squared. Inflating one’s R-squared might be just the ticket for getting your results published in … Continue reading

BlackBerry: NPS is “the real litmus test for us”

In a slick ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl, BlackBerry made it clear what its new Z10 smartphone can’t do: Set people on fire, turn human legs into an elephant’s and cause a careening tractor trailer to explode into a wave … Continue reading

The root cause of your customer’s anger

This post originally appeared on Forbes.  Do you know the root cause of your customers’ delights and annoyances ? It’s a critical question. If you don’t, you can’t give them more of what they love. And you may be tempted to offer … Continue reading

Instilling holiday spirit in harried retail employees

Millions of shoppers are heading to their local malls these days, basking in holiday spirit as the late Andy Williams croons “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” over the PA system. But some employees are probably ready to … Continue reading

The inventors’ delusion: Assuming everyone is just like you

Somewhere in a tech research a lab, an engineer is building what he considers to be the ultimate office gadget. He spent weeks designing the tool’s 65 features, which users can customize with a little programming. He’s sure it will … Continue reading

Give promoters a reason to stick around

Companies should never assume that promoters will always be promoters. Like all relationships, it takes time and energy to maintain a strong connection with customers. Promoters spend more on a company’s products over time and they’re less sensitive to price … Continue reading

What you can learn from a smiley face

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Last month marked the 30th anniversary of the emoticon. : – ) Who knew that emoticons have been around that long? And yet I am not at all surprised to see that they have evolved … Continue reading

Do you trust your customer survey results?

This article originally appeared on  Few questions reveal as much about the customer experience as: “How likely are you to recommend this company’s services to a friend?” To find out the answer, leading companies such as Charles Schwab, Apple Retail … Continue reading

What you can learn from a smiley face

Last month marked the 30th anniversary of the emoticon. Who knew that emoticons have been around that long? In my latest post on my new LinkedIn blog, I discuss how NPS practitioners use smiley faces to create crisp, clear scoreboards that … Continue reading

How Rackspace turns customers into brand fanatics

This post originally appeared on
Rackspace is a young entrepreneurial company in the fiercely competitive cloud computing and managed hosting business. Founded in 1998, it now has a revenue run rate of more than $1 billion and annual growth topping 30%. What distinguishes the company from competitors, says CEO Lanham Napier, is the so-called “Fanatical Support” it offers customers. The company measures and manages Fanatical Support through its Net Promoter® system.

“The goal of Fanatical Support is to create customers who are promoters,” Napier explains. “Promoters recommend us to their friends, becoming an extension of our salesforce. Customers who are promoters are also more profitable, staying with us longer and buying more of our services…. The creation of loyal promoters not only reduces customer acquisition costs, it improves retention rates and inspires our Rackers [employees].” Continue reading

Turn impossible complaints into opportunities to shine

Every company has customers with complaints that can’t easily be fixed. Maybe it’s a car buyer who’s disappointed that a manufacturer doesn’t offer leather seats for his economy sedan. Maybe it’s a department store shopper who feels like she can’t … Continue reading

Motivate employees to provide better service, not to beg

Keeping frontline employees in the loop about customer feedback is critical. But if you’re not careful, customer scores, rather than customer loyalty, can start to drive their behavior. You don’t want frontline employees begging for scores—an experience you’ve probably had … Continue reading