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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The inner loop of the Net Promoter System: Connecting employees and customers every day

One of the great ironies of modern business practices stems from the way traditional “voice of the customer” programs alienate employees from their customers. These programs generally deliver customer feedback to employees in the form of statistics and reports several … Continue reading

When employees say goodbye, don’t let a bruised ego cloud your judgment

It’s often hard for executives to see young, talented people leave their company, but people often have to change jobs, employers or careers to broaden their skills and explore new challenges. While these shifts can be rewarding to people, more … Continue reading

Sophisticated simplicity: How Delighted makes Net Promoter feedback easy and appealing to customers

I’m often surprised to find that some executives will accept single-digit response rates in their customer-feedback programs. One recent conversation centered on a company’s 4% response rate. My concern about the low response rate met resistance. The executives responded that … Continue reading

Net Promoter at the heart of a cultural transformation: How Safelite turns hassles into smiles

When I was in college, I had the unfortunate experience of living in a high-crime city. I got a lot of experience getting my broken car windows replaced. It was not a fun process. You’d call your insurance company, try … Continue reading

Why copying Google won’t improve your employee engagement

Most companies are looking squarely in the wrong direction for ways to improve employee engagement, says my colleague Michael Mankins. “They’re focused on free food, access to child care,” he says (and let’s not forget game rooms, concierge services and … Continue reading