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Going beyond collecting feedback to find ways to engage employees and change day-to-day behavior throughout the organization with the constant goal of creating promoters.

Podcast Short: Going Beyond Statistics

When it comes to surveys and statistics, it’s easy to get mired in models and analysis. Perhaps you have a rich tranche of customer data and you know you’ll find a critical new insight if you could devote a team … Continue reading

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Five keys to successful innovation (Hint: Start with customers)

There’s no shortage of advice available on how to innovate more effectively. The reason is simple: Innovation fuels growth. Net Promoter companies know that if you want to earn your customers’ enthusiastic advocacy, you’d better innovate. It takes an innovative … Continue reading

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Can a company pay it forward?

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn. We’ve all heard of “paying it forward”—the idea that one thoughtful act on someone’s part can touch off a chain reaction of good deeds. I’ve posted before about how companies can get into the … Continue reading

Don’t sit on customer feedback

This article originally appeared on  When you are driving a car, you get a steady stream of feedback from the road, from other drivers, from the dashboard gauges, and from the car itself. You know how to interpret the … Continue reading

Can a maniacal focus on customer loyalty ever be counterproductive?

It’s easy to answer the title question of this post with one word: no. Or another word: never. Look at Apple’s retail stores, American Express, Vanguard and the other loyalty leaders. They’re relentless in their determination (1) to learn customer … Continue reading

One number that says it all

This blog post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Analysts use many yardsticks to predict the direction of a company’s stock price—price-to-earnings ratios, dividend payout ratios, EBITDA and so on. Some are so complicated: Try calculating a company’s weighted average cost of … Continue reading

Numbers count, but feelings come first

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.  Long ago, one of my statistics professors in college cautioned me that statisticians tend to obsess about creating the highest R-squared. Inflating one’s R-squared might be just the ticket for getting your results published in … Continue reading

Resumen rápido de The Ultimate Question 2.0 (“La pregunta decisiva 2.0”)

Some time ago, we published an excellent “speed summary” of The Ultimate Question 2.0. The summary was written by Paul Marsden, who blogs about using NPS in brand advocacy. The summary has proved to be a popular piece—so popular, in … Continue reading

At call centers, a better measure of success

The traditional measure of success at many call centers is the average handling time (AHT), the amount of time it takes for an employee to address a customer’s problem. A short AHT quantifies how quickly the employee handled the issue, … Continue reading

Great innovation may come from your customers’ crumbs

Do stale bits of toast rain down from your keyboard when you turn it over? Have years of sticky soda spills given some keys a mind of their ownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? For those us who eat lunch at our desks, Logitech has … Continue reading

Frugal WOWs: A social media experiment by KLM

In 2010, a team at KLM set out to experiment with delivery of tiny gifts — more demonstrations of commitment and recognition than anything of significant value — to customers who had made public their travel plans via a Twitter … Continue reading

The Love Metric

Rob Markey and I had the pleasure of speaking with Intuit CEO Brad Smith this week in preparation for our upcoming NPS CEO roundtable. (The roundtable will be taking place in late September, so keep an eye out for video … Continue reading

Webinar Q&A: How does product unbundling affect Net Promoter scores?

Fred and Rob discussed the upcoming book in a July 20 webinar. In this and subsequent posts, they answer additional audience questions from the webinar question-and-answer session. Q: How do you think the unbundling of a product towards ancillary revenues … Continue reading