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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Podcast: Bringing Net Promoter to the People, with Darci Darnell

Despite companies’ best efforts to engage their teams, more than half of employees say they are uninspired and dissatisfied in their roles, according to Bain research. Only 19% of employees say they’re inspired and satisfied—a huge opportunity for companies that … Continue reading

Rallying Teams Around Net Promoter: A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

Building internal support for a fledgling Net Promoter System can be one of the biggest challenges of getting such an effort off the ground. It requires leaders to not only have a strong grasp of loyalty economics and the company’s … Continue reading

Podcast: Inside Madison Avenue’s Loyalty Challenge, with Michael Farmer

No industry has escaped the disruption of digital technology. Advertising is no exception. Ad agencies, which previously thrived in what was once a loyalty-based industry, now face new competition as they struggle to hold on to client relationships. Advertising fee … Continue reading