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Beyond closing the loop with employees, they also must be coached, trained and encouraged to experiment. A parallel employee NPS (eNPS) program can yield tremendous benefits.

Podcast: Bringing Net Promoter to the People, with Darci Darnell

Despite companies’ best efforts to engage their teams, more than half of employees say they are uninspired and dissatisfied in their roles, according to Bain research. Only 19% of employees say they’re inspired and satisfied—a huge opportunity for companies that … Continue reading

Podcast: A Little Praise Goes a Long Way, Says Shawn Achor

Employees who are sincerely happy almost always provide a better customer experience. But what can companies do to make a meaningful difference in how employees feel about their work? Shawn Achor, The New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before … Continue reading

Podcast: Big Lessons in Culture from a Mat Manufacturer

My work brings me in contact with many interesting businesses. But one stood out to me recently, not for what it makes—industrial floor mats—but how it makes them. Millennium Mat has developed a unique culture in which employees make production … Continue reading

Podcast: Finding the Road to Authenticity at Lyft

Ride-hailing companies disrupted the traditional taxi and limo industry by offering unprecedented convenience. But less has been said about the customer experience at these fast-growing companies, which typically allow customers and drivers to rate their interactions. After all, these companies … Continue reading

Podcast: Want to Empower Employees? Start by Letting Go

How do you get the best out of employees? Scripted interactions and oppressive rules are never the answer. The best companies hire the right people and set the right expectations, and they trust their employees to use their judgment to … Continue reading

When a Company Wins, Everybody Should Win—Even the “Losers”

When a company shifts its internal investments around, employees who get the short end often feel like corporate losers—marginalized and demoralized. Employees might even stop caring about the company’s mission or the needs of customers, and that’s when real damage … Continue reading

Podcast Shorts: Employee Engagement—Fostering Energy, Enthusiasm and Creativity

Employees need to see the fundamental connection between the work they do every day and its impact on customers. They must experience firsthand the deep satisfaction of earning their customers’ heartfelt gratitude and loyalty. If they don’t, then their jobs … Continue reading

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Great Customer Experience Requires More Than Just a Script and a Score

A version of this blog post originally appeared on CX Cafe. It was the eighth week in a row checking into the same hotel in downtown Philadelphia. I recognized the attendant behind the preferred status check-in counter—he had checked me … Continue reading

New on the Podcast: The Gift of Brutally Honest Feedback

Have you ever found it hard to tell an employee that his work simply wasn’t cutting it? Maybe you were afraid of hurting the employee’s feelings or creating tension, so you decided not to say anything. Kim Scott, an executive … Continue reading

Finding employees who don’t always do what they’re told

When you hire frontline employees, you are entrusting them with the critical task of generating loyalty and enthusiasm among customers. That means you don’t want employees who only do what they’re told. You want employees who bring their own energy, … Continue reading

JetBlue: Taking the turbulence out of travel

Imagine a business where customers regularly pay hundreds or thousands of dollars so they can wait in long lines, experience deep anxiety, be confined for long periods of time and be treated with little compassion or respect. For the most … Continue reading

Net Promoter, pay and predictable (but unintended) consequences: How to avoid the most common traps

Here’s how it usually goes. A CEO or division president decides that it’s time to get serious about customer loyalty and decides to use the Net Promoter System as a lever for change. Executives tell themselves that “anything that is … Continue reading

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The inner loop of the Net Promoter System: Connecting employees and customers every day

One of the great ironies of modern business practices stems from the way traditional “voice of the customer” programs alienate employees from their customers. These programs generally deliver customer feedback to employees in the form of statistics and reports several … Continue reading

When employees say goodbye, don’t let a bruised ego cloud your judgment

It’s often hard for executives to see young, talented people leave their company, but people often have to change jobs, employers or careers to broaden their skills and explore new challenges. While these shifts can be rewarding to people, more … Continue reading

Net Promoter at the heart of a cultural transformation: How Safelite turns hassles into smiles

When I was in college, I had the unfortunate experience of living in a high-crime city. I got a lot of experience getting my broken car windows replaced. It was not a fun process. You’d call your insurance company, try … Continue reading