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Podcast: Want to Empower Employees? Start by Letting Go

Lee CockerellHow do you get the best out of employees? Scripted interactions and oppressive rules are never the answer. The best companies hire the right people and set the right expectations, and they trust their employees to use their judgment to make customers happy. When executives step back, employees provide more authentic and empathetic service.

Former Disney executive Lee Cockerell returns to the podcast to share his tips for striking that balance between loose and tight control. At Disney, Lee ran a operation with tens of thousands of employees who were spread across a huge physical space and represented many operational and service functions. What does it take to create a magical experience on that scale? Strong hires, high expectations and trust.

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If you missed Lee’s first interview, you can check it out here: At Disney, the Show Must Go On 


One Response to Podcast: Want to Empower Employees? Start by Letting Go

  1. Great podcast. I especially love the advice about hire slow/fire fast. I’ve seen, first-hand, the problems caused by getting warm bodies in seats.