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Training programs that pay off right away

One of the casualties of this slow-growing economy is training investment. Faced with weak revenue, many companies have pared down training programs to cut costs. But what many companies don’t realize is that training doesn’t have to be formal and complex. It can be as simple as creating a system of feedback and coaching—an integral feature of Net Promoter® systems.

As its users know, Net Promoter systems help companies understand their customers’ needs and improve service. Much of that service improvement results from what we call “high-velocity learning loops”—which provide employees with constant feedback and teach them how to improve their own performance. It’s on-the-job training informed by the customer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After a transaction with a customer, employees invite the customer to take a brief NPS survey and provide feedback.
  2. The employee or a manager follows up with certain customers to ask more detailed questions or address problems.
  3. Managers analyze customers’ responses and coach employees on ways to reshape their approach—or reinforce successful tactics. These discussions can happen individually or within small groups as part of a team huddle.

At the Australian bank Westpac, call center employees use Net Promoter data to learn how to improve the quality of their service in real time—what the company calls its “Listen, Learn, Act” philosophy.

Note that this is very different than classroom training. Net Promoter data is immediate and easy to understand, which means employees direct much of their own development, with help from manager coaches and affirmation (or corrections) that come directly from customers in the form of Net Promoter feedback. The result is typically improved morale, higher productivity and lower attrition rates as employees build a culture of pride.

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