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Lessons from students at the University of Phoenix

Higher education is undergoing dramatic change at every level. Traditional universities are facing pressure to attract the best students while they attempt to hold down tuition costs. Meanwhile, for-profit universities such as the University of Phoenix have grown dramatically in recent years. Both are competing for students’ time and money with MOOCs—massive open online courses—and technical programs.

Ruth VeloriaIn the next episode of the Net Promoter System℠ podcast, Ruth Veloria, executive dean of the University of Phoenix School of Business, offers an insider’s view of her company’s efforts to become more customer focused. She’s on a multiyear journey to increase the school’s ability to turn student feedback into action. Interestingly, Ruth is beginning to focus as much on the potential future employers for the university’s graduates as she is on the students themselves. During the podcast, she talks about the linkage between satisfying the needs of future employers and those of students.

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