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What’s in a Benchmark? A Podcast Q&A with Maurice FitzGerald

markey-fitzgerald-220x207What does it take to develop meaningful competitive benchmark Net Promoter Scores? What is the relationship between benchmark trends and revenue? What if your company is small or operates in a niche industry with few competitors for comparison?

Competitive benchmark Net Promoter Scores provide an objective and fair basis for comparing your company’s feedback to the feedback your competitors earn. Done right, they can provide the basis for goal setting and prioritization at the highest levels of a company. However, calculating a sound benchmark score can be challenging and complex.

In this episode, I welcome back Maurice FitzGerald, retired vice president of customer experience at HP Software and author of Net Promoter—Implement the System. Together, we tackle questions about competitive benchmarking from members of the Net Promoter System Forum on LinkedIn, which Maurice manages.

You can listen to our conversation in iTunesStitcher or through the player below.

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